Destination Management Plan

The Destination Southern NSW (DSNSW) Regional Destination Management Plan (DMP) identifies and informs strategic directions and themes that will encourage growth of the region's visitor economy. DSNSW Region is a truly unique part of New South Wales and Australia that offers a diversity of experiences and landscapes like no other. The DMP has been developed with the support and involvement of the relevant Local Government Area (LGA) leaders of our region and the Local Tourism Organisations (LTOs) they fund and operate. If you would like a PDF version of the DMP please contact us.

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Growing the Visitor Economy

Following the development of the Destination Southern NSW Management Plan, the below seven key projects were identified to inform direction for the region’s visitor economy.

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Funding & Grants

The NSW Government has announced $13 million in regional tourism funding, between 2016 and 2019, to support the regional tourism industry in NSW. Funding is available through several streams:

Destination NSW Regional Tourism Product Development Fund

Destination NSW offers grants between $15,000 and $150,000 for eligible projects. Funding must be, at least, matched dollar-for-dollar. Contact us to discuss your project to ensure it will satisfactorily meet the assessment criteria. Proposals can be submitted by local government, tourism and sector organisations, located or representing industry within the Destination Southern NSW Region.

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Destination NSW Regional Cooperative Tourism Marketing Program

Led by Destination NSW this grant is available for local government, tourism and sector organisations, located or representing industry within the Destination Southern NSW Region. Grants are for $100,000 to $500,000, which would be matched dollar-for-dollar by Destination NSW.

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Destination NSW NSW Regional Conferencing

Designed to support and increase regional conference and business events in rural and regional NSW. Businesses with existing or new events are encouraged to check out Meet in NSW website to list your event and gain exposure to the tourism industry. Various scholarship opportunities, educational offerings, trade show activations and other industry development tools are available.

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Destination NSW Incubator Event Fund

Destination NSW offers seed funding to events to support their first and second years of activity. The fund offers one-off annual grants of up to $20,000 to support innovative events that demonstrate sound organisational planning, have a unique alignment with the character and culture of the local region and which can demonstrate a broad appeal likely to promote tourism and attract overnight visitation.

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Destination NSW Flagship Event Fund

Destination NSW offers funding to assist in the development of events that can demonstrate that they attract overnight visitation. The fund is open to events that have been running for more than two years and offers grants to specifically support marketing activities aimed at increasing visibility and attracting visitation to the event from outside its local area. There are two grant streams - annual grants of $20,000 or iriennial grants of $27,500 per year, guaranteed for three years.

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Destination NSW Event Development Fund

Destination NSW offers support to events that have received the maximum funding permitted through the Regional Flagship Event Program or the Flagship Event Fund and can present a cohesive event strategy for future growth that includes the continued development of its tourism potential to drive overnight visitation to the event. This grant offers up to $50,000 (excl. GST) to support key strategic growth initiatives.

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Product Development

NSW First Program

Destination NSW delivers the NSW First program to assist NSW tourism businesses to develop, promote and sell their tourism products. It includes face to face workshops and online webcasts with a focus on free online and on-demand content, to cater to busy round-the-clock tourism businesses across NSW. On-demand webcasts offer ‘how-to’ insights on a range of topics for the tourism industry, with events to be added to the calendar throughout the year.

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Business Tools

Sustainable Tourism and Business Practices

There is a range of government and industry initiatives to help tourism operators adopt better environmental management practices.

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Tourism Business Licensing

Your tourism business may need government licences and permits before it can start. Examples include licences for accommodation providers, tour operators and travel agents.

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Government Business Programs

NSW Department of Industry aims to attract investment to NSW and support innovative, sustainable and globally competitive industries, through strong technical knowledge and scientific capabilities.

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Strategies & Plans

Destination NSW’s strategy and planning is directed to promote the sustainable growth and development of tourism in the State.

Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan

In 2012, the NSW Government established the Visitor Economy Industry Action Plan (VEIAP) and set the ambitious target to double overnight visitor expenditure to $36.6 billion by 2020.

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Aboriginal Tourism Action Plan 2017-2020

The Aboriginal Tourism Action Plan is designed to provide NSW Aboriginal tourism operators and the wider tourism industry with a practical guide to Destination NSW’s vision to support the development of Aboriginal tourism experiences and businesses in NSW.

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China Tourism Strategy 2012-2020

Destination NSW’s China Tourism Strategy will guide business development and consumer marketing activity between 2012-2020. The strategy is directed towards ensuring that NSW keeps pace with the rapid expansion of geographic source markets within China and the changing travel preferences of maturing consumer segments.

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NSW Regional Conferencing Strategy & Action Plan

The NSW Regional Conferencing Strategy & Action Plan aims to build capability, improve NSW’s competitive position, stimulate demand and return the sector to growth. Destination NSW, in partnership with industry, will implement 11 Strategic Imperatives developed in response to Action 36B of the VEIAP.

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Helpful Tools

Get Connected

Destination NSW’s website membership program. Simple and easy to use Get Connected membership is free and is open to all tourism operators within New South Wales. With Get Connected, Destination NSW gives you the opportunity to showcase your tourism products on Destination NSW consumer websites FREE of charge and tap into over 1.8 million potential customers a month, both domestic and international - that’s 22 million people a year who are looking for tourism products.

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DNSW Image Library

Media and industry operators can search and download images for free from Destination NSW’s image library. The collection is constantly being updated and includes great images of city and regional destinations, experiences and events.

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Connect Your Tourism Product

Each year Destination NSW’s consumer websites, sydney.com and visitnsw.com attract more than 24 million visits. The sites channel more than 6 million active sales leads directly to thousands of NSW tourism businesses. We urge all NSW operators to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Destination NSW’s websites by firstly getting online and from there, making sure their information is regularly updated. It costs nothing, reaches millions of domestic and international travellers and will help your business reach its potential.

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Research and market knowledge