Destination Southern NSW Board Director

Purpose of Role:

The Destination Network (DN) seeks to appoint Independent Directors to its Board comprised of 5 Directors (7 Directors for Destination Country and Outback NSW).

The role requires:

  • The attendance at approximately 10 Board meetings and at least one Board committee meeting per calendar year
  • In addition, it may be necessary to partake in monthly conference calls for management/financial reporting and general compliance
  • Attend meetings of Directors including the annual general meeting and any extraordinary general meetings
  • Participate in other Board committee meetings as applicable.

Independent Board Directors

Competencies – Role Related:

  • Knowledge of a Director’s responsibilities – includes an understanding of the role as well as the legal, ethical, fiduciary and financial responsibilities.
  • Strategic expertise – the ability to review the strategy through constructive questioning and suggestion and contribute to the effective decision making of the Board.
  • Accounting and finance – the ability to read and comprehend the company’s accounts, financial material presented to the Board, financial reporting requirements and some understanding of corporate finance.
  • Legal – the Board’s responsibility involves overseeing compliance with numerous laws as well as understanding the individual Director’s legal duties and responsibilities and conflict of interest.
  • Risk management – experience in managing areas of major risk to the organisation.
  • Managing people and achieving changes – experience in current management thinking on employment branding, engagement, strategic vision and stakeholder communication, experience in executive remuneration and compensation.
  • Industry knowledge – experience in similar organisations or industries.
  • Regional knowledge- a relationship with, and /or knowledge of the Destination Southern region.
  • Demonstrated independence- a proven ability to manage Conflict, and Potential Conflict, of Interest in a Board or management position.

Director DSNSW Roles and Responsibilities